Something You Never Thought Of Doing In A Limo

In the movie Big, Tom Hanks stars as a 13-year-old boy who wishes he were “big” so that he could do “big kid” stuff-and is magically transformed into an adult.  In one memorable part of the movie, Hanks’s character has his first time riding in a limousine after the toy company Christmas party.  Remember how excited he felt, doing not only something very adult but also very upscale?  Now, imagine your kids having that experience-as a birthday party.  For a limo rental, Washington DC might have something to offer your young VIPs. 

limo rental, Washington DC

Some inventive parents throw their kids limousine birthday parties.  It’s a unique way to celebrate a birthday with their friends.  The rental company might even agree to them decorating the limo.  They could use magnet stickers, car flags, window decals, even throw pillows-all to make the ride more fun.

Having the kids bring their favorite tunes for the CD player is a must.  And since it’s a party, bring along pizza, snacks, soft drinks, water, and juices.  In addition to dressing up the car, they might even dress themselves up to look like celebrities, with sunglasses and VIP necklaces.  Even temporary tattoos could be a great touch.

Of course, since it is such a unique idea, plan ahead and ask the limousine company if they’ve ever done a children’s party.  If they have, they might even have some ideas of their own to add to the fun.  Imagine how cool it would be to have your kids and their friends chauffeured to the mall for a movie in a limousine-and how cool it will be when they’re seen climbing out of it.  You’ll be a hero and your kids will never forget it.  Consider a celebration in high style the next time there’s a birthday in the family!