Signs You Need Septic Tank Needs Pumping

If there is a septic tank at your home, you should know that it needs regular cleaning to function. On average, a homeowner will need septic tank pumping about once every year or two. It is easy to contact a central Florida septic services company to schedule the service, but you should pay attention to signs that indicate trouble is on the rise. Here are some of the signs that indicate your tank needs pumped.


One of the first indications that there is trouble with the septic tank system at your home is the pungent odor that disburses from the septic tank. It is an undeniable smell of raw sewage that makes it hard to sit still. Call the plumber if you smell sewage!


Overflow from the toilet is a sign that there is a problem that needs addressing quickly.  Although this is not always a sign of septic tank trouble, it is very much one of the potential concerns that you should worry about.

Clogged Toilets

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If the toilet is clogged, do not automatically assume that it is due to things going down the drain that shouldn’t have. If regular flushes are clogging, your septic tank likely is the culprit and needs pumping. It is best to address this situation immediately so that it does not become a bigger problem.

Call a Professional

These are the most common signs that indicate trouble with your septic system. If you notice these signs, it is time to pick up the phone and all a plumbing professional for help. Your septic tank will only get worse if it is not properly cleaned, and those are not issues that you want to experience. Do not take that risk and call a professional!