How to Reduce Your Water Usage & Costs

The average water bill for Fox Valley residents tallies a cost of about $70 per month. That’s more than $700 each year for water! Showering, washing the dishes, and many other activities require water, but it isn’t necessary to endure this expense for the water that you need. There are many simple ways to reduce the amount of water consumption used in your home and keep costs of your utility bills down. How can you achieve that success?

Use energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen and bathroom and install all of the gadgets that improve water flow and efficiency, too. A new hot water heater, kitchen faucet, or bathroom toilet can reduce the water usage in your home and help you save money, too. The costs of these items varies, though are always reasonably priced, especially considering the amount of money they save at the end of the day.

When using the dishwasher, do so only when there is a full load to wash. You’ll waste a considerable amount of money running it when it is not full. It is also a good idea to avoid the pre-rinse cycle since it is unnecessary and simply wastes water.

Aim to take a 5-minute shower and no longer. Reducing the amount of time that you spend in the shower can do big things for water consumption and costs. If a family of four reduces their daily shower by only 5 minutes, you’ll notice amazing things happening!

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Call a professional fox valley plumbing company whenever there is a leak, you need drain cleaning, or other problems interfere with a properly working plumbing system. Free estimates help you learn how much it will cost to make the repair. Prolonging repair only causes the problem to worsen, and runs your water usage and costs up each month.