A New Way to Blend

The ribbon blender has been a standard in a number of industries for decades.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First, ribbon mixers tend to be low cost and relatively low maintenance.  Second, there isn’t a huge learning curve for those who are first learning how to use them.

However, there are now newer forms of blenders on the market that some companies might find more beneficial.  Here are a few reasons why you might consider these newer blenders.


Much Faster Blending

The most recent and advanced form of blender is the Fluidizer.  This looks very similar to your typical ribbon mixer from the outside, but it is actually designed in a way that provides much faster blending.

Because the blades are short and angled in a specific way, these blenders tend to be much faster and more efficient than more traditional ribbon mixers.

Still Relatively Easy to Use

While there might be a little bit more of a learning curve with these, basically just because few industries are yet familiar with them, they are still relatively easy to use.  So long as the company takes the time to get fully trained, new employees shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting from the older machines.

Overall Better Performance

In a number of tests and comparisons, these newer types of blenders have almost always been shown to outperform their older counterparts.  While it might cost a little bit more money and require a bit more training for them to be used properly, eventually that ought to pay off.

Paying a little bit more up front for the equipment and training is definitely worth it if it means that you will be able to mix your products a whole lot more efficiently than you could have before.